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Our Story

It all started when I couldn’t find a planner that suited my needs. In 2012, I created my first planner. I was the only one to use it but it started me on a quest to perfect this planner year after year.

I ventured into bullet journaling a few years ago and started incorporating the parts that I loved about bullet journaling into the planners that I designed. I also created various elements for the bullet journal that I didn’t want to recreate month after month (the habit tracker and monthly calendar to name two).

In 2018, I created the Writer’s Planner. As a writer, I created it focused on exactly what I needed it to be. It has quickly grown into being one of my best selling products.

I created Dragonfly Paper Press in 2021 as a way to give my planners and guides their own identity. I will continue to design innovative planners under this brand and have several in the works!

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I’m happy to have you here.


Laura Kinker

Our Vision

To create innovative planners, journals, guides
and other fun stationery products that will helpe
you create the life you want through